Social Media & Information Reconaissance

Social Media & Information Reconaissance

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Buy Cialis Soft 20 mg generic Technology often outpaces security best practices, and Social Media is no exception. Currently there are virtually no technologies that help protect organizations from information exposure across the social media landscape. Field Training Solution’s one day training program aims to familiarize organizations with the social media landscape as well as emerging technologies that will increase the potential for information exposure in coming months and years.

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cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg US The course provides information on effective use of social media for both personal and professional use and identifies the associated risks. The course is structured in five modules: Familiarization, Effective Use, Risks, Information Reconnaissance, and Protective Measures. Each module includes interactive sections and student labs. The labs cover information exploitation use cases using current popular social media services and social reconnaissance techniques, demonstrating the personal and organizational impacts. The Protective Measures module provides techniques that can be incorporated into personal social media use and organizational policies and directives to limit information exposure, and overviews of technologies that can be used to better monitor and block certain types of information exposure.

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Buy Cialis Soft 20 mg generic Our training is offered in a one day as well as one-half day Executive format. Training is provided in our Italy training facility, and can be delivered on-site at the customer location.

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