Buy Cialis Soft Over The Counter Andrew is the founding member and Chief Executive Officer of the 6 Companies that make up the Field Services Group of companies www.fss-gp.com of which Outsource360 is part of. Andrew is based at Hereford in the UK.

cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg France Andrew established Field Security Services in October 2006 and served as its Managing Director successfully building a niche security and risk management company operating in high risk environments attracting a plethora of instantly recognisable international Clients, high net worth individuals and training services to governments friendly to the United Kingdom.

Buy cheap Cialis Soft Recognising shortfalls that existed in other support services fields in the countries where FSS operates follow on companies were established to deliver medical, project support and light logistics services in Pakistan, Liberia, Nigeria and Jordan. Andrew provides the leadership and business direction for the Group as well as overseeing or setting up contracts for new Clients, occasionally continuing to undertake sensitive security, maritime security and other risk management consultancy work for selected Clients.

buy Cialis Soft France Andrew has a full professional military background having completed a one year course with the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion, 7 years with the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment and after passing UKSF selection in 1983 joined B Squadron 22nd SAS Regiment for 16 years where he undertook various operational tours including; 4 x Special Projects (Anti Terrorist) Team tours, including Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) Close Protection deployments, a deployment for a year on covert operations and commanded training missions to Africa and the Middle East. Andrew was deployed into Iraq with the SAS during the 1991 Gulf War “Operation Granby” and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery and leadership in the field.

Purchase online Cialis Soft 20 mg Other postings included commander of Amphibious Troop B Squadron 22 SAS, VIP Bodyguard Instructor to the President of Namibia CP Team, Chief Warrant Officer Instructor at the British Army Jungle Warfare School Brunei and finally an Operations Warrant Officer at the United Kingdom Joint Special Forces Task Group HQ working in an operational planning, organisation and deployment post of the UK Special Forces. He retired from the army in 1998 having been awarded a Late Entry Commission as Captain of B Company 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment after 24 years service.

Order generic Cialis Soft 20 mg Upon leaving the army Andrew provided VIP security and training services in Europe, setting up a complete Executive Protection and Residential Security teams for a billionaire German businessman which he then ran for eight months. In 2001 Andy took a 3 year contract as Head of Corporate Security to Cell C, a start up cellular network provider in South Africa and a subsidiary of the Saudi Oger Group. When he handed over to his local counterpart, he was responsible for a security and risk management department of 40 and had total security responsibility for almost 5,000 staff across 3 office parks, 2-telephone call centres, a warehouse complex, 24 retail outlets and 800 cellular masts and controlled a budget at that time of ZAR 21,000.000.

Purchase online Cialis Soft 20 mg Following his return from Africa, Andy undertook a year long contract as Project Director for Erinys Iraq running their 15 x PSD team, 340 man, $30 mil US DoD contract, providing security escort and guarding services to the US Army Corps of Engineers during the re construction phase of post war Iraq. He then returned to Hereford in the UK undertaking a number of sensitive security consultancy, assessments and contracts in Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria and South Africa before forming FSS.

Order Cialis Soft 20 mg generic Andrew holds many military and various security management qualifications and is licensed by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) as both the Owner and Director of a company offering licensable security services. Each FSS Group company is fully licensed and insured in its own country of operation. Intelligence, adaptability, resourcefulness, initiative and “can do” attitude are the hallmarks of the FSS Group and its founder.

Edoardo is the Field Training Solutions Ltd. Commercial Director and holds a number of executive management positions within the subsidiaries which form the FSS Group of companies of which Field Training Solutions Ltd. is part of.

After an initial career within the pharmaceutical sector where he worked as a translator and linguist for a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline and within the oil and gas industry in the role of HR officer & security analyst, Edoardo joined Surrey Police as the first non-British EU police officer in the UK. Distinguishing himself during training, he was awarded the Chief Constable’s Cup for “Exceeding Surrey Police Training Standards” and was subsequently fast-tracked to the CID, Edoardo was selected and successfully passed the covert operations unit undercover officer selection course. He latterly transferred to the London Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, Special Operations.

Retiring from the police service after being severely injured on front line duties, Edoardo was recruited by the CEO of Aegis Defence Services Ltd to become Security Operations Manager where he managed the portfolio of one of the top five oil & gas companies looking at start-up operations in Iraq. The role covered the whole breadth of risk management from recruitment of close protection operatives, to selection of security equipment and vendors to secure oil-fields, coordinating and translating client intelligence briefs, conducting liaison duties with the oil and gas multinational’s Chief Security Officer, and conducting risk consultancy, investigation consultancy and close protection duties to VIPs in Iraq.

From Aegis, Edoardo conducted a wide variety of freelance business consultancy projects in emerging and frontier markets world-wide including; Italy, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Edoardo was invited by the Group Managing Director and joined Field Group in June 2011 following successful collaboration of jointly run projects in Liberia and Italy.

Edoardo graduated from the University of London (School of Oriental & African Studies) with a BA (Hons) in History & Politics of the Middle & Far East, he subsequently attended Cornell University (USA), American Military University, and City University’s renown City of London Law School, gaining a number of post-graduate qualifications in the spheres of business administration, corporate finance, intelligence, and international business law. His expertise lies in the integration and triangulation of financial, cyber, and traditional investigative methodologies and the ability to translate such findings to C-Suite Executives.

Edoardo is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and holds a level 5 Diploma in Professional Financial Trading from the London Academy of Trading.

His leisure pursuits include tennis, Thai-boxing, weight training, reading biographies, and chess.